buad 1 - Banyei Isoh Professor Mathis 02/17/09 Denzel...

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Banyei Isoh 02/17/09 Professor Mathis Denzel Washington - Coach Herman Boone- Authoritative Style and Coaching Style When he made his players empty the bus and intermingle with each other once boarding the bus he was using his authority to make sure that he got what he wanted. He used his coaching style when he asked Lewis Lastik if he was going to play football in college. When Lastik said that he wasn’t smart enough, Coach Boone told him to bring is work to his office so he could tutor him. Coach Boone also challenged the process at the same time inspiring a vision. He did this by having the black players get to know the white players and vice versa. He inspired a vision by making them come together for one common goal. Will Patton - Coach Yoast- Affiliative Style and Democratic Style. Coach Yoast used the affiliative style when Coach Boone made Petey sit on the bench. Yoast approached Petey and made everything seem as though it was ok. This can be classified as affiliative because it was not helping Petey with his weaknesses. He used the Democratic style whenever he felt that Coach Boone was getting out of hand. Coach Yoast enabled others to act. He could have helped sabotage Coach Boones season but he allowed him to do his work and do the best job that he could. Wood Harris
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buad 1 - Banyei Isoh Professor Mathis 02/17/09 Denzel...

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