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MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY EARL G. GRAVES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MEMORANDUM TO: Dr. Christopher J. Mathis Assistant Professor of Business Administration FROM: Banyei Isoh BI Business Leadership Student, BUAD 202.101 DATE: February 22, 2008 RE: Assignment due February 24, 2009 In this ever-changing society it is essential to be able to work in groups. Working in groups takes many parts. It takes the group to get the job done, but it takes an individual to get a task done. If every individual fails to do a task then the group fails to do the task. If one individual fails to do their task, then the group fails. Every member of every group has some knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help the group achieve success. My knowledge of the English language and many aspects of the business world will help assist the group where they may lack such knowledge. Me being older than everyone in my group, I also have a knowledge about school and a perspective about school that is
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