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business law case 1 - Beach National Bank These checks that...

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Banyei Isoh William H. Proctor 10/7/09 The Hyatt Corporation V. Palm Beach National Bank Facts: The Hyatt Corporation hired Skyscraper Building Maintenance to perform maintenance on one of their buildings in South Florida. Skyscraper entered into an agreement with J&D Financial Corporation. Under the agreement Hyatt was to make checks payable to Skyscraper and J&D. Two checks that Hyatt issued to the company were cashed by Palm
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Unformatted text preview: Beach National Bank. These checks that were cashed by the bank were only indorsed by Skyscraper. After these checks were cashed J&D made a complaint against Hyatt, the bank, and Skyscraper. As a result of these complaints J&D wanted to reclaim all the damages against Skyscraper under the loan agreement and against the other two parties for improper negotiation of a the checks. Issue:...
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