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Banyei Isoh William H. Proctor 10/31/09 Jaeger V. Western Rivers Fly Fisher United States District Court 1994 855 F. Supp. 1217 Facts: A company called Western Rivers Fly Fisher was into business of supplying outfitters for fishing expeditions. An individual by the name of Michael Petragallo whom was licensed by the U.S. Forest Service to be a guide to conduct fishing expeditions was contacted by Western. Western arranged a fishing trip for three individuals to be transported by Petragallo. The individual that was being transported went by the name of McMaster. He questioned Petragallo when he arrived and asked if he worked for Western. Petragallo answered saying that he does work for them. After the fishing trip on the way back into town, Petragallo lost control of his vehicle. One of the passengers was injured in the accident and brought a suit against Western. Western moved for a summary judgment saying that Petragallo was an independent contractor. Issue:
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