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Business Law Case 4

Business Law Case 4 - Banyei Isoh William H Proctor...

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Banyei Isoh William H. Proctor 10/31/2009 Schoenberger V. Chicago Transit Authority Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, First Division, 1980 84 ill.App.3d 1132, 39 Ill.Dec. 941, 405 N.E.2d 1076 Facts: An individual by the name of Schoenberger applied and interviewed for a job with the Chicago Transit Authority. He had met with the recruiter an individual by the name of Frank ZuChristian on numerous occasions. Eventually, ZuChristian informed Schoenberger that Chicago Transit Authority wanted to employ him at a salary of 19,800. When Schoenberger was given the actual offer, the salary stated 19,300. He therefore called ZuChristian who told him that the difference would be made up to him during salary reviews. Schoenberger then agreed to sign the offer and resigned when the difference was not made to him. He filed suit to recover the damages. He took the case to a trial court who ruled in favor of Chicago Transit Authority. Shoenberger then appealed the decision.
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