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Banyei Isoh William H. Proctor 10/31/09 Chaiken V. Employment Security Commission Superior Court of Deleware, 1971 274 A.2d 707 Facts: Chaiken entered into a partnership agreement with two other individuals by the names of Strazella and Spitzer to operate a barbershop. Under the agreement, Chaiken would be in charge of the barber chairs, supplies, and licenses while the other two would be in charge of providing tools they would use. The agreement stated that Chaiken would be the partner who would decide all matters of partnership policy. As part of the portion of the agreement that included how many hours would be worked, holidays, and required Chaiken to distribute receipts. The Delaware Employment Security Commission had determined that this was not a partnership, but instead that Strazella and Spitzer worked for Chaiken. The commission brought an action to assess unemployment compensation contributions against Chaiken for the Strazella and Spitzer.
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