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11/12/2009 Dear Mr. Allen, I am taking my time to tell you how much of a fan I am for Clean Fast’s hygiene products. I have been using these hygiene products for the past five years and I loved the results I was receiving from them. I loved the product so much that I began recommending Clean Fast to my friends and family. As with most cases when Clean Fast comes out with a new product I am inclined to try to product out. Recently, I saw an ad marketing your new product called “Firm Lift.” This product is said to leave your skin with a shiny glow and reduce age lines. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to try this new product because I was having a big interview and I wanted to look and feel my best. As I proceeded to get this product, I opened the sealed box and followed all the directions. After going to sleep and waking up in the morning my face was irritated. I took a look at myself in the mirror and found that my face had broken out with red patches all over my face. I subsequently
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Unformatted text preview: had to reschedule my interview and see a dermatologist. The doctor came to the conclusion that Firm Lift was the cause to the outbreak on my face. I had to pay 100 dollars for my doctor visit as well as 50 dollars for the ointment to clear my skin. I have been a strong proponent for Clean Fast’s products. I understand that not every product is made to suit everyone. I have used your products for 5 years without incident, and I will continue to use your products. I do request however, that I am reimbursed 150 dollars for the incident that has occurred with this specific product. I am sure that this may be an isolated incident and I am sure that we can work through this and both come to the solution where we are both satisfied. I will continue to buy and recommend your products as I do look forward to receiving my reimbursement for the unfortunate situation. Regards, Banyei Isoh...
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