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Martha stewart case

Martha stewart case - Trial of Martha Stewart By Banyei...

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Trial of Martha Stewart By: Banyei Isoh April 14, 2010
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1. Did Martha Stewart commit the crime of insider trading when she sold her ImClone shares on December 27, 2001? Based on the facts that were awarded us as readers of this case, I do not believe that she committed insider trading. I do not believe so because in order to be convicted of a crime, it must be found beyond a reasonable doubt. In this case there are so many anomalies that put to question the validity of certain statements that were made from different individuals. Beyond a reasonable doubt means that the information that was given was 99.9 percent certain and that it is better than just a preponderance of the evidence. Some of the facts such as the mark “@60” cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a sticking point in the case because if they actually did come up with the sell under 60 and the price of the stock dropped below that price, then they were only doing what they had originally agreed to do upon drop in the price of the stock. Another fact that is there was no knowledge to here of exactly what was going on with ImClone because she questioned about what was going on with their company. She also did not have any direct knowledge of what Mr. Waksal knew. As a result of not knowing what was going on inside of the company, she could not be classified as someone who had committed insider trading. Insider trading is having access to classified information about the health of a corporation, and that is information that Ms. Stewart did not have.
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Martha stewart case - Trial of Martha Stewart By Banyei...

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