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Banyei Isoh Professor Crosby 2/3/2009 Homework Assignment #2 1. Nude bathing should not be allowed because immorality has to stop somewhere and decent people have to start standing up for their rights. 2. Because the speak is a notorious drunk and a friend of Mill’s, the speakers defense is not worth considering 3. Without a free press, the people wont know who to vote for and since communist countries don’t have free press, a free press is necessary to a free society.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The Greeks had a low opinion of life because they killed each other with reckless abandon and went to war for ten years over a woman. 5. I never went near the scene of the crime at any time and I was in another city at the time of the crime; therefore, I am not guilty. 6. Because there is nothing in the Bible which forbids slavery, and because The Bible is the word of God, slavery is ordained by God....
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