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Unformatted text preview: TI-83, 84 Calculator ProceduresGeneral Points:•As you use the TI-83 for math problems, you will see it shows the whole problem on the screen at once. This makes correcting mistakes easier; you just use the arrow keys to go back and forth through what you input. •If you input a long problem into the calculator and hit enter, only to see you made one little mistake somewhere, you can hit 2nd, Enterwhich will get you to Entry. That will bring back up the entire expression you input and you can use the arrow keys to make corrections.•If you wanted to input something like)53(782*34---, it would have to be input as (4-3*2) ÷(8-7*(3-5)),with parentheses around both the numerator and the denominator. The calculator needs to be told what is on top and what is on the bottom. This will come up frequently in this class.•The ANSkey, which is above the (-)key next to the ENTERkey, is temporary memory. If you input 8 – 2*1.2, the answer will of course be 5.6. Then, if you hit 2nd, x2, ANS, you will get the square root of the ANSwer to 8 – 2*1.2.This is a big help when your answers are decimals and you don’t want to and should not round these numbers to be used in later formulas. The ANSkey ONLYholds the last thing the calculator calculated.•If you calculate something and then need to use that answer in some other expression, you can use the STO>button to STOre that number in memory. For example, (2-5.63)^4 is 173.6306936 (^ is your exponent button, “^” means “to the” power). You can then hit STO> (which is right above the ONbutton), X (which is right next to the green ALPHAbutton). On screen you will see AnsX. So, it put the last answer into the variable...
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This note was uploaded on 05/06/2010 for the course MATH 204 taught by Professor Schwinler during the Spring '10 term at Minot State University.

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calculatorhelp - TI-83, 84 Calculator ProceduresGeneral...

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