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Unformatted text preview: Skinner had a big influence on teaching and learning psycology.he is considered one of the most influential psychologists in america. Being best known for his theory of operant conditioning and his invention of the Skinner box, that will go on to allow for the study of subjects' interactions with the environment around them and small changes in this. This basicly teaches and instills a rule, if they do one thing and the test subject gets something they like then they will continue to do that same thing until they no longer want what they were getting. This works very well on babys, this is the punishment and reinforcement to modify behavior reasoning, if a child is scolled for one thing they may think twice before doing that same thing again. Subjects will learn to understand what behaviors will result in a reward and what will result in a punishment. Skinner also developed a theory known as superstitious behavior. He caged a pigeon and at unpredictable intervals gave this pigen grains to see how long the pigeon would repeat the same thing...
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