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Lab01-Scientific Method - Name_Erica Murray_ Lab #1:...

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Name________Erica Murray__________ Lab #1: SCIENTIFIC METHOD (10 points) Internet Dr. Adams (1-06 edit.) Careful observation and the reporting of data are very important in scientific observation. Although most minds have an excellent short-term memory, details tend to be lost over a long period of time. In research it is important to have an accurate and detailed record of data and of experimental conditions. Most college students are keen observers of the world around them. Transferring this data to written documents can be challenging. The purposes of this laboratory are; a) to make scientific observations b) to report those scientific observations as accurately as possible This laboratory is divided into two sections. Section 1. Candle Observation. (worth 4.0 points) You have been provided a birthday candle in a small plastic bag. At the end of this lab, please return the remainder of the candle to the plastic bag and return to your box of laboratory supplies. Gently warm the bottom of the candle with a match. As soon as the wax has softened, place the candle up right (standing up) onto a glass plate or other similar solid surface. Hold the candle in this position for a few seconds. The wax should harden sufficiently enough to let the candle stand without additional support. A. You are to make as many observations about the candle as possible and record those observations on the next page. If you need additional space, you may continue your observations on the back of that page or may add another sheet of paper. You may include a drawing of the candle. Assume an Alien will grade this laboratory.
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Lab01-Scientific Method - Name_Erica Murray_ Lab #1:...

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