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SMORES LABORATORY Erica Murray ____name Dr. Adams 06-02-Internet This laboratory exercise is a practical study in the area of rate-limiting reactions. When performing chemical reactions the amount of combined reactants is rarely ideal. That is, the combining quantities are such that one reactant is usually present either in excess or in smaller than ideal quantities. This imbalance limits the amount of product that can be made. This is an example of a rate-limiting problem. Imagine you are working on a bicycle assembly line. The last step is to add the wheels to the bicycle frames. You start your day with 100 bicycle wheels and 100 bicycle frames. How many complete bicycles could you assemble? Your answer is à 50 Bikes What material did you run out of first? ___ Wheels __________ The material you r an out of first was the rate-limiting reactant . It limited the amount of bicycles you could assemble. What material did you have in excess (more than you needed)? _______ Fames _____ This material was your reactant in excess . When combining reactants in a chemical reaction, the combining amounts are defined by a balanced chemical equation . The balanced equation shows the relationship between combining materials. Once a balanced chemical equation is determined, then theoretical predictions can be made indicating how much of each material is needed to make a desired amount of product. If a carpenter was building a home, would the carpenter order the exact minimum (as calculated from a blue-print or drawing) amount of wood needed to build the home? Explain your answer. No, a blue-print is an idea of how much material is going to be needed. Calculations might be off and something might need replaced if broke or material needed might need to be an inch higher or lower. A carpenter always orders extra a home is a big project. That needs to be done right the first time. Part A.
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Lab06EJM - SMORES LABORATORY Dr Adams 06-02-Internet Erica...

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