Lab08EJM - Lab #8: ACIDS & BASES (10 points) Dr. Adams...

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(10 points) name____ Erica Murray_____ Dr. Adams (5-03 edit.) Acid/Base chemistry is an important part of our everyday world. Acids can be defined in a variety of perspectives. The most common definition is referred to as the Arrhenius definition of an acid . The Arrhenius definition states “an acid is a substance that when added to water increases the hydrogen ion (H + )concentration of the water solution”. One measure of acidity involves the use of the pH scale . The pH of a substance is the negative base 10 logarithm of the H + concentration of that substance. This is represented by the following equation, where [H + ] is interpreted as the hydrogen ion concentration . pH = -log[H + ] Pure water forms H + and OH - (hydroxide ion) ion through auto-ionization . Auto-ionization is the process where by a substance forms ions from it’s own molecules. This process is shown in the next equation. H 2 O(l) H + (aq) + OH - (aq) In the above formula, the (l) symbols stands for the liquid state and the (aq) symbol represents a substance dissolved in water. The (aq) symbol is an abbreviation for an aqueous environment . Very few water molecules spontaneously break down into these two ions. At room temperature, only about 1.8 molecules out of 10 billion water molecules would be found to be in the ion form at any one time. Although these ions represent only a very small fraction of the total collection of ions, their contribution to chemical properties is very significant. The study of Acid-base character falls under the broad area of equilibrium systems . In equilibrium systems there can be a balance set up between certain substances. In this balance, a steady state can exist where the relative concentration of substances stay the same. A good example of an equilibrium environment involves the use of humidors to control the humidity of storage environments. Certain products such as popcorn and tobacco have the most desired
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Lab08EJM - Lab #8: ACIDS & BASES (10 points) Dr. Adams...

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