exam bio - beach island formed less than 6000 years ago...

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Clara Gelabert Adv. Biology Exam. National Geography in February 2009 acknowledges that Darwin is the father of evolution and that Scientists continue to be inspired by his theory of Natural Selection. According to Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, populations change due to the environment selecting advantages traits. When there is variation within a population, advantageous traits resulting from an expressive gene that makes that species more competitive and therefore more likely to survive and pass on that expressive gene that is successful. The article Modern Darwins offers an explanation of Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection of the variation of mice off the Gulf Coast of Florida. In this example there were two kinds of mice, darker coats mice and paler coats mice. The mice with the paler coats that lived on the beach were more competitive than the mice living in the main land. There was a single mutated gene that had been expressed since the
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Unformatted text preview: beach island formed less than 6000 years ago which cut down the production of a dark pigment in the fur. The owls and the hawks were able to see the darker colored mice better than the lighter which blended into the sand. The lighter colored fur mice were successful in that environment and were able to reproduce. The Darker color mice were not as successful because they were not camouflage. The lighter color mice had the adaptation from the genes that made them more successful and able to pass on that gene through reproduction. Because the expressed gene for light coat was more successful, the environment is going to choose the lighter color mice, and then many years the darker color mice could become extinct. The mouse with the light color fur is an example of a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment....
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exam bio - beach island formed less than 6000 years ago...

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