PSYC 2034 Test 2 Review

PSYC 2034 Test 2 Review - Developmental Psychology (PSYC...

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Developmental Psychology (PSYC 2034) Study Guide – EXAM 2 Chapter 7 Lead poisoning: Causes, Effects, Poverty : most hazardous health risk to children under the age of six. High levels are linked to lower intelligence, problems in verbal/auditory processing, antisocial behavior, aggression, and delinquency in school age children. Poor families are more susceptible due to higher likelihood of chipped paint in their homes, as well as higher exposure to pollution. Piaget – Preoperational Stage: (2-7 years old) Children begin to represent their world with words, images, and drawings; begin to form stable concepts and reason; cognitions are dominated by egocentric and magical beliefs. Symbolic Function Substage: (2-4 years) child gains ability to mentally represent an object that is not present Egocentrism: thinking that does not take into account others’ viewpoints Animism: believe things are alive or have human characteristics because they move or grow Intuitive Thought Substage: (4-7 years old) children begin to use primitive reasoning and want to know the answers to questions Centration: concentrate on one limited aspect of a stimulus and ignore other aspects Conservation: knowledge that quantity is unrelated to the physical appearance of objects Vgotsky: Children think and understand primarily through social interaction; mind is shaped by cultural context Zone of Proximal Development: level at which a child can almost perform a task independently, but can do with assistance
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PSYC 2034 Test 2 Review - Developmental Psychology (PSYC...

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