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Chontal Mixtec prob - Chontal of Oaxaca (Regularized) l....

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Unformatted text preview: Chontal of Oaxaca (Regularized) l. cece squirrel foreigner elder woman grandson possum magpie spoon 9. ceke 10. Mwa II. tei?a squirrels foreigners elders -.70 2. tuwa 3. te va 4. akarr'o? 12. akaln'ov 13. kolii'i? 14. -Ypo 15. selwi? 16. melko? men 5. koii'i? 6. Upo 7. sewi ? 8. meko? grandsons possums magpies spoons Mixtec of San Miguel el Grande l. s-I t-liia She will cut. It (animate) will descend. It is raining. 2. ku. uti: .. .. ' 3. kiiuca .. .. 4. samau -, .. It (inanimate) It (inanimate) is changing. will cut. 5. s -It-Iu .. 6. s - m a z a a 7". He (god) will change. He is descending. It (animate) is changing. She is cutting. He (god) will descend. It (water) will change. He is cutting. kiiude .. .. 8. s ama ti: 9. sit-liia 10. kuu'Za .. . II. s - ma c a a 12. sit.Ide --- ...
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