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Floating clitics - ka drinker= QUESTION is ‘Is he a...

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Floating clitics In some languages, clitics can occur with a variety of constituents. Their domain tends to be the constituent they pertain to. Common floating clitics are negatives, question markers, and topic or focus markers for emphasis, etc. Inga (Quechua family, Columbia) 1. kamba tayta yapa=č u bravo ka your father very= QUESTION fierce is ‘Is your father very fierce?’ 2. paykunaka pagahuan-kuna=č u they pay-me= QUESTION ‘Do they pay me?’ 3. upiador=č u
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Unformatted text preview: ka drinker= QUESTION is ‘Is he a drinker ?’ 4. kaypi=č u rimanua-kunči here= QUESTION speak-we ‘Are we speaking here ?’ Kannada (Dravidian family, India): Sridhar 1990 1. gandhiy=e: eddu bandante. Gandhi= EMPHATIC got.up came ‘It was a though Gandhi himself got up and came.’ 2. ka:rinoLagindal=e: kaybi:sidaLu. from.the.car’s.interior= EMPHATIC she.waved ‘She waved from inside the car itself .’...
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