Sierra Popoluca prob

Sierra Popoluca prob - They had bitten them. Weare hitting...

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l. iko?cpa 2. aIJko?cpa 3. iIJwaspa 4. ikovcne 5. ako vcum 6. iwasneyahum 7. anko ?cta ?mpa 8. miwasum 9. iwasyahpa 10. awasneyahum - 11. awasneta ?mum 12. miko?cta ?mum 13. iIJwasta ?mpa 14. anko ?cneum 15. iIJko?cne 16. miwasneyah 17. iIJwasyahum 18. anwasneyah . Sierra Popoluca He is hitting him. I am hitting him. You are biting him. He has hit him. He hit me. He had bitten them; They had bitten him;
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Unformatted text preview: They had bitten them. Weare hitting him. He bit you. He is biting them; They are biting him; They are biting them. They had bitten me. He had bitten us. He hit you (pi). You (pi) are biting him. I had hit him. You have hit him. They have bitten you. You bit them. I have bitten them....
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