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February 1, 2010 – May 21, 2010 BA621 Business Law Lesson #1 Assignment #8 1. Case 3-2 has an unusually large amount of these pseudo or false reasons. Locate an instance where the court writes as if it is providing a reason but is actually simply rewording its conclusion. Clue: Words such as 'since' often signal us that the writer believes that he or she is about to provide a reason. Judge Jones’ phrase “[b]y common sense… a corporation can have only one principal place of business” is a pseudo reason because the phrase “common sense” is too general. Common among whom? Corporate lawyers? Aborigines? Rather than providing more information to add to his point, Judge Jones is a broken record of restating the same fact ad nauseam. In his conclusion he states the reason for a principal place in New York is “significant administrative
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Unformatted text preview: activity, which implies that their headquarters automatically met the definition of substantial part of its business, but information about the Kentucky branch is conveniently left out. For a decision reliant on numbers he seems only interested in one: revenue. If the difference among different plants comes down to accounting tricks or semantics, his decision would sound hasty. Information that would help in supporting his reasoning include: Besides revenue, what else constitutes the definition of a principal place? Would GEs profitability be severely affected if the Kentucky branch were closed? What work can be classified as the substantial part of its business and centralized general supervision?...
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