BA621-L10A2 - February 1 2010 BA621 Business Law Lesson#10...

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February 1, 2010 – May 21, 2010 BA621 Business Law Lesson #10 Assignment #2 Lesson #10, Assignment #2: Critical Thinking About the Law Answer the following questions (found on page 606 of your text). 1) Companies are sometimes hesitant to support environmental regulation because the regulation may lead to higher costs for the business. Although a company might be required by law to comply with environmental regulation, devotion to which ethical norms might influence companies to voluntarily comply with environmental legislation? Clue: Examine the list of ethical norms. Although compliance might add to a company's costs, what considerations may overrule monetary concerns? Many companies are hoping that by “going green”, which may entail higher costs, they will be able increase revenues, improve their public image, and prove a commitment to their customers. The main ethical norm for becoming environmentally friendly is security, in several aspects. One aspect is that by going green before competitors, the business will be fit to deal with future governmental regulations and fines. They can sustain a competitive advantage in this way. Security of all workers is also raised, as removing toxic emissions might lead to a decrease in sick days, healthcare costs, and/or lost productivity—these aspects, of course, also align with the company’s goals of efficiency, the bottom line of any company. Productivity will rise and so
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BA621-L10A2 - February 1 2010 BA621 Business Law Lesson#10...

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