Exercise 6 Analysis - 1. See attached sketches for sperm...

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1. See attached sketches for sperm surrounding egg and fertilized egg. After the addition of the sperm fertilization did not take more than a few minutes probably around 3 to 5 minutes. The cleavage of the fertilized egg began to appear after minutes. 2. The first stage of the reproductive cycle is fertilization, once fertilized it is possible to see the outer membrane that blocks other sperm from entering the egg. The second major step is the cleavage, which is the first major division in multiplying the cells. The cells continue to divide via mitosis. The cells seem to be smaller and smaller after ach division, this is because initially the zygote was composed of a large amount of cytosol, with each division a bit of cytosol went with the new cell, that is why it seems that the organism is not growing much at first. Eventually the developing organism reached the blastula stage where the cells that were once in the middle have now moved to the outer part of the developing organism to form a hollow part inside. This prepares the organism for the gastrulation where an invagination occurs giving rise to the three layers mesoderm, ectoderm, and endoderm. Then the organism reaches the pluteus stage where 3. In the blasula stage the developing organism has not yet gone through gastrulation, but has reached the point where the organism has a lining of cells around itself and a hollow spot where it is preparing for gastrulation. Therefore this stage is not developed enough like in the pluteus stage. In the pluteus stage
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Exercise 6 Analysis - 1. See attached sketches for sperm...

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