Exercise 8 Analysis

Exercise 8 Analysis - 1 Pathway of the nutrient products of...

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1. Pathway of the nutrient products of digestion. a. The rat chews of macerates food into slurry capable of being swallowed. b. Food goes through the esophagus into the stomach then after some churning goes into the small intestine in the duedeom where nutrients such as sugars are taken up in to the blood. c. Sugars, fats, and proteins are separated, and the glucose molecules are stored in the liver until the body feels the need to metabolize them to create energy. d. Cell respiration and creation of ATP happen in the mitocondria, and hepatocytes contain a great amount. e. Through cell respiration CO2 is excreted as waste and ATP is gained as energy, this energy can then be used to power muscles by binding to the myosin heads causing a conformational change. Then when the ATP is hydrolyzed into ADP and inorganic phosphate, this causes a power stroke movement by contracting the actin filament. This is the fundamental basis for muscle movement. 2. a. The liver as in any vertebrae is able to detoxify, synthesize proteins, and produce chemicals for digestion. b. The kidneys are able to excrete ammonious waste that can accumulate in the body by moving fluid through the different tubes of the medulla and cortex of the kidneys, then sent to the bladder and finally excreted out. c. The spleen is an important part of the immune system as it is able to synthesize antibodies and functions as the recycling center for red blood cells. d.
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Exercise 8 Analysis - 1 Pathway of the nutrient products of...

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