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Chapter 6 Physical Optics
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Chapter 6 Physical Optics Abstract: In this lab the main topic that was observed was the wave nature of light. Through out the lab we demonstrated the understanding of diffraction as light bent around objects to produce light where shadow would be expect. Also the interference of light can be analysis by examining the bright and dark fringes produce when laser beam light is shot through small slits. Thus it is also possible to analysis the effect that slit width and slit separation distance have on the interference pattern on the wall. 6.1 The Diffraction of Light: Demonstration 1. – 4. See attached drawings. 6.2 Single-Slit Diffraction Pattern 1. The intensity of the light is less compared to the central bright fringe of light. 2. Plot of width of central maximum vs. the slit width a. 3. 4. By examining the previous graph you can conclude that as the width of the slit is decreased the length of the central maximum is also decreased. 5.
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