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Chapter8physicslab-1compiled - Chapter 8 Batteries and DC...

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Chapter 8: Batteries and DC Analog Meters Abstract: This lab explored the properties direct current and analog meters. We explored the internal resistance of a battery and the effects of batteries in series. Analog voltmeters and ammeters were explored by determining the resistance of both in circuits and directly. Finally, the effect of a voltmeter’s internal resistance on voltage measurements was determined by taking voltage measurements of the same circuit setup when differing resistances were used. 8.1.1 The Internal Resistance of a Battery 1. 2. The internal resistance of the battery is approximately 0.4753 ohms. 3. The y-intercept of this line, or E’=1.467. 4. The percentage difference from the actual EMF of the battery is (abs(1.470- 1.467)/1.467)*100= 0.2045% 8.1.2 Batteries in Series I 1. V=E-Ir r = {(V-E)/I} r = (4.25V-4.44V)/0.1A = 1.9 2. E’ = E1+E2+E3 = 1.479V+1.479V+1.472V = 4.43V 3. Percent Difference = {abs(E-E’)/E’}x100% {abs(4.44-4.43)/4.43}x100% = 0.23%
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4. Internal resistance combined (r) = 1.9 Individual battery resistance (1.9/3) = 0.63 0.4753 was what was found in 8.1.1, which differs by .15 which seems to be consistent on how the resistance of the batteries also add up. 8.1.3 Batteries in Series I I 1. The combined total resistance of the batteries is 2.29 ohms.
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