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Abstract: This lab explored the properties direct current and analog meters. We explored the internal resistance of a battery and the effects of batteries in series. Analog voltmeters and ammeters were explored by determining the resistance of both in circuits and directly. Finally, the effect of a voltmeter’s internal resistance on voltage measurements was determined by taking voltage measurements of the same circuit setup when differing resistances were used. 8.1.1 The Internal Resistance of a Battery 1. 2. The internal resistance of the battery is approximately 0.4753 ohms. 3. The y-intercept of this line, or E’=1.467. 4. The percentage difference from the actual EMF of the battery is (abs(1.470- 1.467)/1.467)*100= 0.2045% 8.1.2 Batteries in Series I 1. V=E-Ir r = {(V-E)/I} r = (4.25V-4.44V)/0.1A = 1.9 2. E’ = E1+E2+E3 = 1.479V+1.479V+1.472V = 4.43V 3. Percent Difference = {abs(E-E’)/E’}x100% {abs(4.44-4.43)/4.43}x100% = 0.23% 4. Internal resistance combined (r) = 1.9 Individual battery resistance (1.9/3) = 0.63 0.4753 was what was found in 8.1.1, which differs by .15 which seems to be consistent on how the resistance of the batteries also add up. 8.1.3 Batteries in Series II 1. The combined total resistance of the batteries is 2.29 ohms. 2.
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Chapter8physicslab-1FINAL - Chapter 8 Batteries and DC...

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