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5.1.4 The Simple Galilean Telescope 1. The orientation of the image seen through the Galilean telescope was upright. 2. Magnification M = fo/(-fe) M = (47.2 cm/-20 cm) M = -2.36 3. Magnification using M = (-y’/y) M = (-21.3 cm/8.8 cm) M = -2.42 4. The magnification calculated using both equations retrieve values that are very consistent to each other. 5. Algebraic sum = (Fe + Fo) = (-20cm + 47 cm) = 27 cm Measured length of telescope =
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Comment on the quality of the image produced by this simple optical instrument. 5.2.2 Inversion of Retinal Images 1. Moving the nail from left to right or up and down in front of lens C also produced a shadow that moved from left to right and up and down respectively. 2. The focal length of the 7-diopter lens is, we measured the length to be 12 cm, is that going to be our focal length....
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