Exercise 5 Analysis - 12. See attached graph. Approwimate...

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12. See attached graph. Approwimate length using y = -2266.8x + 11553 Control DNA: y = -2266.8(2.5) + 11553 = 5886 bp pLaf: y = -2266.8(3.5) + 11553 = 3620 bp unknown plasmid DNA: y = -2266.8(4.3) + 11553 = 1806 bp student DNA 1: y = -2266.8(5.0) + 11553 = 219 bp student DNA 2: y = -2266.8(4.9) + 11553 = 446 bp student DNA 3: y = -2266.8(4.5) + 11553 = 1352 bp student DNA 4: y = -2266.8(4.8) + 11553 = 672 bp 14. When examining the gel the most noticeable differences that can be seen from lane to lane are the fact that the bands in each lane is different from the bands of DNA in another lane. This difference is accounted for in the varying sizes of the DNA that ran through the gel. Between the human genomic DNA the plasmids the differences are very subtle as seen from the approximated length. To improve the PCR experiment in the future, one thing that can always be controlled is improving laboratory techniques to ensure good positive results, such as for example better pipetting techniques to make sure all the DNA is in the wells.
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15. After analyzing the gel and looking at the lanes that contain the genomic DNA from buccal cells, it is hard to see how the PCR products are different, but by looking at the lengths you can see that the sizes do vary. This in fact is an important trait of the D1S80 locus because it enables it to be use in forensic cases, helping it to differentiate between several individuals. They may not show a big difference in the gel, but by comparing the actual sizes you can see significant differences especially among different races. Again to improve in the PCR experiment means that the PCR procedure must also be down with minimal mistakes. By doing the PCR procedure correctly it is possible to minimize the junk fragment DNA and make sure you only have DNA fragments of one length making the gel at a specific place look more intense. 16. Having the same sample of DNA used in the two separate procedures ensures that if the PCR experiment went wrong then the gel will not also come out with errors. It is possible however to only use the same PCR product in the gel but you do risk losing the outcome of having a positive control on the gel. Then this severely limits the ability to compare to the other products in the other lanes, since you do not have a good positive control DNA. 1.
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Exercise 5 Analysis - 12. See attached graph. Approwimate...

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