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ChE 456 Spring 2004 Major 2 Production of Maleic Anhydride from Benzene Problem Background Following your preliminary report on the feasibility of the design of a 20,000 tonne/yr maleic anhydride plant using benzene as the feedstock, TSC, Inc.’s, client has decided to commission a further study. The purpose of this study is to assess the economic feasibility of an optimized process. Your design must include the final purification of the products as well as the front-end reaction and separation units, which were the focus of the previous project (Major 1). You are free to use the results of the previous study, and you may want to use them as a base case for starting this project. For the current study, the following constraints apply: Economic Parameters Optimization of the process should be carried out using the net present value, NPV, as the objective function The design should be for a new, grass-roots facility. The cost of operating labor is considerably lower than in the U.S., and a cost of $17,500 per operator per year should be charged. Land costs are negligible. Taxation rates are 22% per year. Straight-line depreciation of capital investment over a period of 5 years may be applied. An interest (hurdle) rate for this project is 10% after taxes. The project length is 10 years after start up, which occurs at the beginning of year 3. There is no salvage value Working capital is 6 months supply of raw materials + 6 months of labor costs. Construction period is 3 years with a distribution of fixed capital investment as 50%, 30%, 20%, at the ends of years 0, 1, and 2, , respectively. Process Design Parameters No excess steam can be exported from the plant. Therefore, any steam generated within the process must be used within the process. The following specifications for products must be met: o Maleic Anhydride – purity >99.8 mass% o Quinone – purity > 99 mass%
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2 o Maleic Acid – purity > 99.8 mass% Any liquid organic stream may be burned in a fired heater as fuel, and a credit may be taken for the fuel value (LHV) of the stream. All distillation columns must be simulated using rigorous unit operations (either TOWR or SCDS in Chemcad). Failure to use rigorous algorithms in the final case will result is a loss of credit. Preliminary screening using short-cut methods is acceptable.
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ma3 - ChE 456 Spring 2004 Major 2 Production of Maleic...

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