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Thomas More Utopia - Kristen Walsh Professor Ulricksen...

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Kristen Walsh Professor Ulricksen Utopian Visions February 12, 2010 Thomas More Utopia Thomas Mores’ Utopia is a story that describes the model society. His main focus is to show us a world without poverty, greed, or crime. The heart of this society is based on the fact that there is no such thing as class or inequality; socially, economically, or otherwise. More tells us of a Utopian society that shares the same language, customs, institutions, and laws. He explains to us how all of these things will defer a meaningless society from forming. More saw a world in shambles; Utopia was his cry for internal peace and security in a fictional society. Can an ideal and perfect society possibly exist? While some believed that More thought such a place could exist, the truth is, More knew that it couldn’t. Thomas More says “what you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as you can” and this directly relates to the way that Utopia does not attempt a final solution for the problems of human society—More was far too wise to attempt the impossible (Jokinen). Utopia was a literary attack on the 16th century class society and the corrupt ways in which the government and the King ruled England (Modern History Sourcebook:). More was wise and knew that perfection could not take place in a society due to the fact that humans themselves are not perfect and would spoil such a paradise. However, More was aware that England was the exact opposite of perfection and needed
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Thomas More Utopia - Kristen Walsh Professor Ulricksen...

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