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Brave New World notes - -beta- unique, professional

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Brave New World: Progress is goal Dystopia- we are living in at a less extreme level Any place that has history can only be improved so much still viewed with injustice in society Socialist that turned against socialism- realm of possibility Not is utopia possible. . is utopia desirable? - Creating an ideal place? - Creating a place that is better than we have now? Controlling natural world Ultimate achievement of human mastery over natural world - How do we respond. . by saying that’s just unnatural Motto of brave new world - Community, identity, stability - 5 identities only class without a twinny
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Unformatted text preview: -beta- unique, professional class-gamma-delta-epsilon- unintelligent, juvenile & immature, special & developmentally challenged Represent a persons identity the state is constructing identity with the goal of ensuring stability & community Man by nature is worst enemy- man must have no nature to create ideal society Only change human nature- come up with a system to make man good Is harmony the same as true love? Love is measured by the intensity of fights Never have a fight wheres the passion? CONTINUED: System seems cruel because its honest If we have power to determine genetic future. . Whats the problem with doing that?...
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Brave New World notes - -beta- unique, professional

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