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Kristen Walsh Professor Ulricksen Utopian Visions April 8, 2010 Karl Marx Karl Marx was a liberal reformist who analyzed the relationship between the proletariat and the bourgeois, and believed that society was not in fact free, especially when concerning the proletarians. This is shown through his positions on; alienation, social change, and religion. As well as his ideologies of false consciousness, his belief of capitalisms need for reform, inequality and exploitation of the working classes could be addressed and abolished, that society is not defined by that of natural rights, but defined by the nature of our class status. Karl Marx saw many problems with the capitalist system. He tried to identify and remedy the problems of capitalism through his creation of Marxism. As he describes capitalism his main objection to the economic system is what was known as the “labor theory of value.” The theory says that the value of any commodity is a function of the amount of labor that it took to produce it. In capitalism, labor is a commodity the value of the labor is determined by its cost. The cost of a worker’s labor is the cost of sustaining him. Marx says only in an ideal world will the product be sold for its just price. Capitalists attempt to find a way to receive a profit from this product.
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karl marx - Kristen Walsh Professor Ulricksen Utopian...

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