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Freshman year of college was rapidly approaching and senior Alice Sol knew that she wanted to be in New England for school. She also knew that she wanted to study abroad. Growing up in Massachusetts and moving to Pennsylvania with her mom, step dad and brother had helped her to make this choice; however, she still applied to school all over the place. She had only applied to two schools in the Rhode Island area one being URI and her choice being Roger Williams. Her feelings were swayed when her father moved from her birth place in Massachusetts down to Dallas. “I wanted to be in New England because I missed it so much.” Since the hardest decision was made, Sol filled out all the required paperwork, requested a room in Cedar and was ready for college life. To Sol’s surprise she ended up in Maple, not the dorm she requested and for the first few
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Unformatted text preview: weeks of school she did not enjoy her dorm or roommate. As time has gone on and she has adjusted, Sol has learned to love and appreciate the fun that Maple had to offer and her roommate who has now transferred. She now has a triple to herself and loves it. As a Communications major and psych minor Alice Sol loves to travel. As a sophomore in high school she decided to study abroad for three weeks in France with her French club. Being the youngest person in this program she had the time of her life. The food was great, she was learning French, and the views were gorgeous. She specifically loved Paris and had a lot of fun there. This experience also led her to visit her uncle in London and go back to Paris the very next summer....
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