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travis interview - 1 2 How did you get involved in the...

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1. How did you get involved in the sport you played? 2. Do you ever get frustrated with being on the team? Occasionally I do when people aren’t doing the right things or when it conflicts with something I really want to do. 3. Do you get special privileges being on a team? What kinds? No special privileges 4. Is it a lot of commitment? If so how? Practices & games & vacations & preseason? It is a big time commitment we only get two weeks off for winter break instead of six. We have 2 hr practices or games 6 days a week so that definitely keeps you from doing some of the stuff that you would want to otherwise. 5. How are your classes and grades affected? I think it helps me in my classes because it makes me organize my time more efficiently 6. Are teachers understanding of letting you out early for practice or games? I don’t have to leave early for practice or games 7. Are there any academic perks to being on the team? If so how?
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