hw8b - q fn → Fuid = h ( T | s − T a ) . Assuming that...

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CBE 320 October 19, 2009 Transport Phenomena Problem Session VIII Part B: Shell Energy Balances 1. Work problem 10A.6 in BSL. 2. Work problem 10A.8 in BSL. 3. Work problem 10B.2 in BSL. 4. A triangular fin (equilateral cross-section, side length b , length L ; b L ) extends from a solid wall into a fluid as depicted in the figure below. z b L T w T a The wall is at temperature T w , and the fluid is at temperature T a . Heat is transferred from the fin to the fluid according to the flux expression
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Unformatted text preview: q fn → Fuid = h ( T | s − T a ) . Assuming that the temperature in the fin depends only on z (i.e., the direction normal to the solid wall): a. use a shell energy balance to obtain a differential equation for the steady-state temperature distri-bution in the fin, T ( z ) . b. write appropriate boundary conditions. c. solve for the temperature profile T ( z ) . Note: Area of an equilateral triangle = 1 2 bh = √ 3 4 b 2 . 1...
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