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CBE 320 November 16, 2009 Transport Phenomena Problem Session XII Part A: Macroscopic Balances for Nonisothermal Systems 1. Cooling of a Tank. An incompressible liquid at temperature T in , flows into a rigid tank at a mass flow rate w in . The temperature of the liquid in the tank T is less than T in as a result of heat transfer to the surroundings at T (overall heat transfer coefficient U o , based on the entire outer surface area of the tank, A o ; see the figure below). The fluid then leaves the tank at a mass flow rate w out = w in , through a pipe that has the same diameter as the inlet pipe. Since the liquid in the tank is well-mixed, the exit temperature is
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Unformatted text preview: equal to the tank temperature. Sealed Tank Liquid temp. inside tank, T T T in T = T out w in w = w out in ¥ Heat Loss By reducing the appropriate unsteady-state equations of change, solve for the steady-state temper-ature of the liquid in the tank, T . You may assume that (1) the temperature is uniform throughout the fluid inside the tank, (2) the heat capacity of the tank itself is negligible, (3) potential energy changes are negligible, and (4) the effect of the pressure change on the change in enthalpy is negligible. List all other assumptions employed. 2. Work problem 15A.3 in BSL 1...
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