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exam 3a 2009 - answers - WRITE YOUR NAME AND I.D NUMBER...

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page 1 WRITE YOUR NAME AND I.D. NUMBER LEGIBLY ON EVERY PAGE – PAGES WILL BE SEPARATED FOR GRADING! CHECK TO BE SURE YOU HAVE 6 PAGES , NAME (print): ANSWERS INCLUDING COVER PAGE. I swear/affirm that I have neither given nor received any assistance with this exam. Signature: Date: BIOCHEMISTRY 460 THIRD HOUR EXAMINATION FORM A ANSWERS April 15, 2009 A NON-PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR MAY BE USED ON THIS EXAM. No programmable calculators are permitted, and no sharing of calculators. We have a couple of spare calculators to lend in an emergency. SHOW YOUR WORK FOR ALL CALCULATIONS , AND BE SURE TO STATE UNITS OF ANY NUMERICAL ANSWERS. If the reasoning, calculations, or answer are shown anywhere other than in the space provided, make a note in the space provided and put answer on BACK OF SAME PAGE so the grader for that page will have it. USEFUL CONSTANTS : R (gas constant) = 8.315 J •mol –1 •Kelvin –1 = 8.315 x 10 –3 kJ •mol –1 •Kelvin –1 F (Faraday Constant) = 96.48 kJ•V –1 •mol –1 If temperature = 25 °C, absolute temperature T = 298 K (Assume this temperature unless problem states otherwise.) Potentially useful equations : Energy Charge (EC): [ ATP ] + 0.5[ ADP ] [ ATP ] + [ ADP ] + [ AMP ] Change in Free Energy: Δ G = Δ G º' + RT ln [ product ] actual [ substrate ] actual At equilibrium (when Δ G ’ = 0): Δ G º' = RT ln [ product ] equilibrium [ substrate ] equilibrium Change in Reduction Potential: Δ E º' = ( E º' e- acceptor ) ( E º' e- donor ) Relating Δ G º' to Δ E º': Δ G º' = nF Δ E º'
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Biochemistry 460, Exam #3 Form A ANSWERS NAME April 15, 2009 page 2 1. (6 pts, 3 pts each) Insert the appropriate word(s) to make the statements correct. A. C 4 photosynthesis involves separation in __ space ____________ for CO 2 uptake and CO 2 fixation. B. CAM photosynthesis involves separation in time (or temporal) for CO 2 uptake and CO 2 fixation. 2. (5 pts) Cyclic AMP (cAMP) was discussed in detail in class and in the text. What general role does cAMP play in the epinephrine stimulated signaling pathway and how is it made? It is a second messenger . It is produced when the glucagon receptor activates a G protein, which stimulates adenylate cyclase , the enzyme that makes cAMP. 3. (7 pts) Fill in the blanks to make the statements true about oxidative phosphorylation and photosynthesis. A. (1 pt) A minimum number of __ 8 ___ photons must be absorbed during photosynthetic electron transport for every O 2 that is evolved. B. (3 pts) The mathematical relationship between the energy of light and the wavelength of light is (equation or describe in words) _ They are inversely proportional. (E = hc/ λ ) ___ . C.
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exam 3a 2009 - answers - WRITE YOUR NAME AND I.D NUMBER...

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