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quiz 1 2009

quiz 1 2009 - BIOCH 460 Jan 2009 NAME(printed LEGIBLY...

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BIOCH 460 Jan, 2009 NAME (printed LEGIBLY!) ANSWER KEY QUIZ #1 ( 20 pts) ANSWERS ONLY NONPROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS QUIZ, BUT YOU SHOULDN’T NEED A CALCULATOR FOR THESE QUESTIONS. CIRCLE ONLY 1 ANSWER PER QUESTION. (3 pts) The actual free energy change for the following reaction is + 3 kJ/mol : A ––> B Which of the following statements is correct? A. The reaction will proceed from right to left (i.e. more A will be made) B. The reaction will proceed from left to right (i.e. more B will be made). C. The reaction is at equilibrium (i.e. there will be no net conversion of A to B or B to A). D. There is not enough information given to answer the question. because Δ G > 0 (3 pts) Ionic interactions are stronger in A. H 2 O B. the interior of a protein in an environment with dielectric constant about 4 . Force is inversely proportional to dielectric constant; H 2 O has HIGH dielectric constant. (5 pts ) Circle T (true) or F (false) for each of the following statements
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