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quiz 4 2009 - BIOC 460 Apr 27 2009 NAME(printed...

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BIOC 460 Apr. 27, 2009 NAME (printed LEGIBLY!) _______ ANSWER KEY __________ QUIZ #4A ( 20 pts) NO CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS QUIZ. CIRCLE ONLY 1 ANSWER PER QUESTION. (Please put in folder for first letter of your LAST NAME on back table.) 1. (5 pts, 1 pt each) Which of the following statements are TRUE (T) and which are FALSE (F)? (Circle letter of correct answer for each.) T / F Defects in the Pentose Phosphate Pathway lead to red blood cell lysis under oxidative stress T / F Glucose units are added to and removed from the non -reducing ends of glycogen during glycogen synthesis and breakdown T / F Glycogen synthase cleaves the β -1,4 linkages of the glycogen chain during glycogen degradation T / F Acetyl-CoA is transported out of the mitochondrion by way of the citrate shuttle T / F Insulin signaling results in phosphorylation and inactivation of glycogen synthase 2. (4 pts) In the Cori Cycle, what two molecules are transported through the blood to connect gluconeogenesis in liver cells and glycolysis in muscle cells. _____ glucose ________________ _____ lactate (or lactic acid) ______________________
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