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Unformatted text preview: ATP currency exchange ra2os Es0mated yield of ATP per molecule of palmitate (C16) __7__NADH from -oxida0on ( x ~2.5 ATP) = 17.5 ATP __7__ FADH2 from -oxida0on ( x ~1.5 ATP) = 10.5 ATP __24__NADH from citrate cycle ( x ~2.5 ATP) = 60 ATP ___8_ FADH2 from citrate cycle ( x ~1.5 ATP) = 12 ATP For a grand total = 100 ATP A"er subtrac,ng the __2_ ATP required for fa8y acyl CoA ac,va,on (remember AMP --> PPi) And adding the __8_ ATP obtained from eight turns of the citrate cycle; Courtesy of Dr. RL Miesfeld The total payout for the complete oxida?on of palmitate is _106___ ATP ...
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