metabolic integration

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Unformatted text preview: umber of cancers. How people get type 2 diabetes High Metabolic Efficiency hqp:// Note the mixture of gene4c and environmental factors at play here Many factors converge to cause hypergylcemia (high blood sugar) From: DeFronzo RA. Am J Med. 2010 Mar;123(3 Suppl):S38-48. How would a drug that targets AMPK affect blood sugar control? Why is exercise induced ac4va4on of AMPK different from allosteric control of metabolism by [AMP]? AMP-ac-vated kinase (AMPK) acts as an energy charge sensor, regula-ng many metabolic pathways AMPK is s4mulated by High [AMP] as well as Extracellular signals. Regula4on by AMPK differs from allosteric regula4on by AMP because AMPK Covalently modified its targets. Metabolic func-ons of adipose -ssue Adipose 4ssue is responsible for regula4ng the triacylglycerol cycle which is an inter- organ process that con4nuously circulates faqy acids and triacylglycerols between adipose 4ssue and liver. Courtesy of Dr. R.L. Miesfeld Types of Adipose Tissue: White...
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