metabolic integration

Diabe4cs cannot properly control blood glucose test

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Unformatted text preview: abetes or adult-onset diabetes) Gesta4onal Diabetes Cause Prevalence Autoimmune 5-10 % of all cases reac4on to pancrea4c beta cells Insulin resistance and progressive failure of pancrea4c beta cells Pregnancy-most cases (90-95%) resolved aker giving birth ~90% of all cases ~4% of all pregnant women in the US (Women have a 40-60% chance of developing type II diabetes later in life) Less than 5% Other forms (e.g. Mature onset diabetes in young (MODY)) Prevalence data from the American Diabetes Associa4on Various- many map to rare gene4c muta4ons ~ 5% of Diabetes is caused by a single gene muta-on Genes mutated (and hence proteins altered) in pa4ents with MODY include glucokinase, and a number of transcrip4on factors that affect pancrea4c -cell func4on. Recall that Type I diabetes is caused by loss of pancrea-c -cells. Does This mean type 2 diabetes might also involve pancrea-c -cells? From The Gene'c Landscape of Diabetes Diabetes Trends* Among Adults in the U.S., 1990 (Includes Gestational Diabetes) BRFSS, 1990,1995 and 2001 1995 2001 No Data <4% 4%-6% 6%-8% 8%-10% >10% Source: Mokdad et al., D...
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