Explain why prediabetes is now commonly diagnosed

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Unformatted text preview: adipose 4ssue as a secretory organ and its impact on both type 2 diabetes, appe4te control, and energy use. Reading: Chapter 27 (not all covered here but good review for final) Problems: 1, 2 (a,b,c,d,and f), 8, and 10 Each organ has its own metabolic needs and func4ons A liver-centric view of human metabolism What are the two metabolic fuels exported by the liver? Courtesy of Dr. R.L. Miesfeld Blood glucose must be -ghtly controlled Electron micrograph of Insulin secre4on Pancrea-c cells act as glucose sensors Features: 1. Glucokinase has a higher Km than other isoforms of hexokinase 2. Increasing concentra4on of ATP closes an ATP-gated Ion channel 3. Membrane depolarizes in Response to channel closing 4. Voltage gated calcium channel opens in response To membrane depolariza4on. Intracellular concentra4on of Ca2+ rises 5. Insulin is secreted ATP-gated ion channel structure Review: Why...
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