Increasing concentra4on of atp closes an atp gated

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Unformatted text preview: is the KM of glucokinase significant? Are these pathways drawn correctly in terms of where they are occurring in the cell? How should it change? How is ATP gecng to the cytoplasm Compare and contrast the mechanism of the ligand-gated channel to the voltage-gated channel? What will insulin do once it is secreted? Insulin s4mula4on affects many 4ssues When blood glucose falls, glucagon is secreted from pancrea4c cells Note that the effects of glucagon are only seen in liver and adipose 4ssue- why? Diabe4cs cannot properly control blood glucose Test performed Normal Prediabe-c 100 mg/dL 125 mg/dL Diabe-c 126 mg/dL or above 200 mg/dL or above Fas4ng plasma 99 mg/dL or below glucose (8+ hr fast) Oral glucose tolerance test (8+ hr fast is followed by glucose intake. Blood drawn 2 hours later) 139 mg/dL or below 140 mg/dL 199 mg/dL Adapted from NIDDK Type Type 1 diabetes (aka insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile diabetes) Type 2 diabetes (aka non-insulin- dependent di...
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