metabolic integration

Obesity is also a risk factor for a number of cancers

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Unformatted text preview: and Brown Remember, brown adipose 4ssue Is not just for bears! White adipose 4ssue differs based on distribu4on throughout the body Visceral fat- abdominal fat surrounding organs Subcutaneous fat- beneath the skin Adipocytes: Not just for storing fat.... From Rosen and Spiegelman Nature 444, 847-853(14 December 2006) Proteins secreted by adipocytes Diabetes linked to inflammation Adipocyte circulating FFA, ectopic fat deposition Increased Inflammation NEFA TNF- IL-6 Resistin Adiponectin Anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce insulin resistance Pro-inflammatory compounds that cause insulin resistance Adapted from Teresa White/Tsu-Shuen Tsao Not all fat is the same: Adipocytes from different regions of the body have different metabolic profiles Visceral fat - secretes faqy acids into the portal vein->liver - secretes inflammatory molecules Subcutaneous fat is more responsive to insulin Visceral fat associated with higher rates of heart disease and higher rates of diabetes- explain this with what we learned about adipocyte biology. Lep4n, an adipocyte-secreted factor, regulates appe4te and metabolism Lep-n Controls Appe-te and Energy Expenditure Unfortunately, this did NOT work in humans. Why? Adapted from Dr. R.L. Miesfeld...
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