Metabolic integration

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 38: Metabolic Integra4on, Diabetes, and Obesity Bioc 460 Spring 2010 Dr. Lisa Rezende How are metabolic pathways regulated in humans? Why do pa4ents with diabetes have difficulty controlling blood sugar and what can be done to treat it? What role do adipocytes play in diabetes and obesity? Learning Objec-ves Describe the metabolic needs and func4ons of the liver, pancreas, brain, adipose 4ssue, and skeletal muscle. Review the pathways ac4ve in the organs listed above. Describe the molecular events leading to insulin secre4on in response to increasing blood glucose, including the biochemical features of Review the metabolic effects of glucagon and insulin. Describe the two major forms of diabetes, explain why "non-insulin dependent diabetes is a misnomer, and discuss treatment. Explain why "prediabetes" is now commonly diagnosed and treated. Outline the path from obesity to type 2 diabetes. Discuss the role of...
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