ten major metabolic pathways

ten major metabolic pathways - 32 Gluconeogenesis 32...

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Ten Major Metabolic Pathways Pathway(s) Lectures Glycolysis 24 and 25 (last exam) Citrate Cycle (PDH and glyoxylate) 26 and 27 Oxidative Phosphorylation (ETS) 28 and 29 Photosynthesis (Calvin cycle) 30 and 31 Pentose Phosphate Pathway
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Unformatted text preview: 32 Gluconeogenesis 32 Glycogen Degradation and Synthesis 33 Fatty Acid Degradation and Synthesis/ Ketone body synthesis 34, 35 Nitrogen fixation and assimilation 36 Urea Cycle 36 Adapted’from’Dr.’R.L.’ Miesfeld’...
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