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1) Consider the following peptide at neutral pH: GLY-ARG-ALA-CYS-ILE-GLN-SER-THR-GLU-CYS-ASN-LYS A) Which amino acid residue in this peptide is the most hydrophobic? 2 pts ILE B) Which pair of amino acids residues could form a salt-bridge? (no full credit without explanation) 2 pts ARG-GLU or LYS-GLU because one is positively charged and the other is negatively
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Unformatted text preview: charged C) Could there be a disulfide bond? (no credit without explanation) 1 pt Yes because there are 2 CYS 2) Calculate the total charge for this peptide MET-ASP-LYS at pH=9 ionizable group charge MET α-amino 0 ASP side chain carboxyl -1 LYS ε amino +1 α carboxyl -1 Total -1...
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