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Bioc 460 Spring 2010 Quiz 6 Key Protein Molecular Weight (kD) pI α -antitrypsin 45.0 5.4 Cytochrome c 13.4 10.6 Insulin 5.8 5.4 Src kinase 60.0 4.8 1. ( 3 pts ) Given the data in the table above, which two proteins would you expect to migrate to the same point on an isoelectric focusing gel ? Why? α - antitrypsin and insulin (1 pt), because the pIs are the same (2 pt) 2. ( 3 Pts ) Given the data in the table above, which protein would have a net positive charge at physiological pH? Why? Cytochrome c (1 pt) because it’s pI > physiological pH (2 pt).
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