Mathematics HL - May 2002 - P1

Mathematics HL - May 2002 - P1 - IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME...

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MATHEMATICS HIGHER LEVEL PAPER 1 Tuesday 7 May 2002 (afternoon) 2 hours 222–236 16 pages IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME DU DIPLÔME DU BI PROGRAMA DEL DIPLOMA DEL BI M02/510/H(1) Name Number INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES •W rite your name and candidate number in the boxes above. •D o not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. Answer all the questions in the spaces provided. Unless otherwise stated in the question, all numerical answers must be given exactly or to three significant figures. rite the make and model of your calculator in the box below e.g. Casio fx-9750G , Sharp EL-9600, Texas Instruments TI-85. Calculator Make Model EXAMINER TEAM LEADER IBCA TOTAL TOTAL TOTAL /120 /120 /120
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Maximum marks will be given for correct answers. Where an answer is wrong, some marks may be given for a correct method provided this is shown by written working. Working may be continued below the box, if necessary. Solutions found from a graphic display calculator should be supported by suitable working. For example, if graphs are used to ±nd a solution, you should sketch these as part of your answer. Incorrect answers with no working will normally receive no marks. 1. Consider the arithmetic series 2+5+8+ . ... (a) Find an expression for S n , the sum of the first n terms.
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Mathematics HL - May 2002 - P1 - IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME...

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